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Saturday 24 Feb 2018
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Off We Go! Useful Links

I am in the process of putting this page together. I would like to share with you some of the weblinks I find most useful. Please contact me and let me know what resources you have found useful.

I am also interested to hear from you on what’s the best way to present this information.

I live in Ireland, so a lot of the links below are for Ireland

Disability Organisations Print E-mail

Here are links to some of the main disability organisations in Ireland and the UK, there are lots more who all do great work across the country. I hope to add to this list overtime, please let me know of the organisations you find useful.

Entitlements Print E-mail

Finding out about what financial help is available to you if you have a child with a disability is not easy! There are different government departments involved.

Here are some of the main ones:

Resources Print E-mail

Here are links to other websites that provide resources that may be useful for a child with special needs.

General Kids Websites Print E-mail

Here are links to sites that with useful activities / information / events for kids:


Off We Go! Apps

iPhone/iPad Apps:

Going on a Plane
Going to the Dentist

Off We Go! Reviews