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Saturday 24 Feb 2018
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Off We Go! InteractiveWelcome to Off We Go! Interactive

I am making my interactive version of my Off We Go! 'Going to the Hairdresser' book available to you for free. This is an online version of my 'Going to the Hairdresser' book and includes narration, animation, sounds and e-learning games. It can be run on any PC and works well on the interactive whiteboards available in many schools.

As mentioned above is is available for free to everyone, all that I ask is that you let me know what you think of it and how I could make it better.

For this reason I ask that you to register for a free account and login to my site to access the full version, so that I can contact you for your feedback. I have made a small preview of one of the pages which does not require login so you can try this out first, if you like.

The sound plays straight away so please check your volume before you access either of these links.

Preview of one page of Off We Go! Interactive - Going to the Hairdresser

Full version of Off We Go! Interactive - Going to the Hairdresser (requires login, note currently this requires a separate account to the one used in our online shop)

What is Off We Go! Interactive

The purpose of this application is to help introduce a child to what will happen when they visit a hairdresser. It will help the child to learn about what they are likely to see and hear. Many children find the experience of Going to the Hairdresser overwhelming and difficult. By getting a sense of the place they are going to, what is likely to happen and the sounds they will hear in advance, your child will know what to expect and therefore cope much better.

As we have learned with our son Stephen, the better prepared he is, the more likely he is to manage the experience. We have found that for children like Stephen with sensory processing difficulties and therefore sensitive to certain noises, that preparing using sound makes a big difference.

This application is based around the Off We Go! ‘Going to the Hairdresser’ book. The format is a sequence of 12 steps with clear uncluttered pictures, using simple everyday language that describes what typically happens at the hairdresser.

It includes the following additional features to the regular book:

  1. Narration for the story is included and can be played automatically or can be heard via clicking a button or on the text of the story.
  2. Pictures include animation to help the child understand what will happen. These animations can be played automatically, by the child clicking a button or by clicking on hotspots in the picture.
  3. Typical sounds that the child will hear at the hairdressers can also be heard as part of the animations or as separate interactions.
  4. A number of e-learning games are included (see help within the application for details)

Some Suggestions on How to Use

Depending of the level/ability of the child, it can be run with a parent/teacher/therapist helping the child or the child interacting with the application on their own.

The parent/teacher/therapist should think about the child’s ability and set the Configuration Options (see application help for details) appropriately to provide some challenge, but keep it manageable/achievable. As the child becomes more familiar with the application these configuration options can be changed to make it more challenging.

On pages 2 & 12 you can turn on/off a number of different sounds associated with the hairdressers, these sounds can be turned on one at a time or alternatively you can turn on multiple sounds at the same time. Start by turning on one sound at a time and get the child to identify which sound they hear. Once they can successfully identify these, then try turning on one sound and then add another one to see if the child can identify which new sound has been added. This will also help familiarise the child with the whole mixture of sounds they may hear together at the actual hairdressers and de-sensitise them from this noise.


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