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Saturday 24 Feb 2018
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Off We Go! Apps Now Available on iTunes App Store PDF Print E-mail

Off We Go! AppsI am very excited to let you know that Off We Go! Going on a Plane and Going to the Dentist books are now available as iPhone and iPad Applications (Apps) in English and Spanish. So now if you are going on a plane or visiting the dentist, you can use your iPhone or iPad to help prepare your child and make the experience easier for everyone!

The Off We Go hardcopy series of books are a very successful visual step by step guide to everyday experiences, particularly for children with special needs. Sometimes you might not have the hardcopy to hand so by having them as Apps, they are not only practical, but also they have some great new features such narration (you can even record your own narration) and colour in the pictures yourself. Any word you touch will ‘jump up’ and be spelt out to you, a fun way to learn spellings!

From what we have seen with our own son Stephen who has special needs, the iPhone and iPad touch screen technology is going to revolutionise how children with disabilities can access all sorts of stuff, from games to learning and entertainment. Up to now a lot of the assistive technology (technology used by individuals with disabilities in order to perform functions that might otherwise be difficult or impossible) is so expensive that it makes it difficult to buy/justify. Stephen loves the Apps on my iPhone, in fact it can be a bit of a challenge to explain that it is my iPhone, not his! Given his reaction we know what he wants for Christmas! He is particularly enjoying the Going on a Plane iPhone App, repeating the word ‘Legoland’ as this was the last time he was on a plane and he would like to go again!

I worked with Kiwa Media to produce my Apps. They specialise in making iPhone and iPad book apps. They are based in New Zealand and have lots of other interesting book Apps available.

Off We Go! Going to the Dentist iPad App Sounds pageThe iPad apps have some really cool features! Some of the screens are animated e.g. in the Going on a Plane App, the user can touch the screen and see the bags moving at check in. The best feature is hearing the sounds. We know from working with Stephen, it really helps if you can give him an idea of the sounds he is going to hear. (Keep in mind that kids with sensory issues like Stephen are likely to hear things 4 times louder than we do, so can you imagine how extra scary it is to go to the dentist?) So for example on the iPad Going to the Dentist App, you can hear the sounds of the drill and suction and help your child to know that despite the scary noises, it is going to be ok. The sounds and animation features will be available on the iPhone Apps in a few months time.

Please check out these new Apps, I would be delighted if you would leave a review!

Below are links to each of the apps on the iTunes App Store or you can access all 4 of them here :

Available on the App StoreOff We Go! Going on a Plane iPad AppOff We Go! Going on a Plane iPad App 

Available on the App StoreOff We Go! Going to the Dentist iPad AppOff We Go! Going to the Dentist iPad App

Available on the App StoreOff We Go! Going on a Plane iPhone AppOff We Go! Going on a Plane iPhone App

Available on the App StoreOff We Go! Going to the Dentist iPhone AppOff We Go! Going to the Dentist iPhone App

Best wishes as always,



-2 #6 2011-04-27 20:02
Hi Avril - love your new apps! Our new app has also hit iTunes...called eReadingToGo! Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy yours :-).
0 #5 2010-12-20 10:15
Hi Avril,
Have just downloaded the "Going to the dentist" to prepare my daughter for her visit today. This is a great idea and maybe you could upload more of them for all of us.
Many thanks
-1 #4 2010-10-08 12:45
Avril, these iPad apps look absolutely wonderful and indeed will be 'killer-apps' for many parents (reason enough to buy an iPad). I think you've found the perfect way to expand the range.
0 #3 2010-10-08 11:50
Awesome stuff!

Dentist drill sound is still horrifying though

Great idea, and the implementation is wonderful.
+1 #2 2010-09-08 20:25
oh superb Avril - dont have an iphone or ipad yet but they LOOK fab & I know how successful the book version is
0 #1 2010-09-08 17:48
Congratulations Avril We are delighted for you here...Can't wait to get a look at the new apps...Emer

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I’m Avril, married to Robert and I’m Mum to 3 kids, Stephen, Michael and Rachel. Stephen has special needs (he has a rare chromosomal disorder). We can see he has lots in common with children on the autistic spectrum and children with down syndrome. As well being a Mum, I’m an advocate/lobbyist for those with disabilities. I feel strongly about the importance of including Stephen is as many everyday activities and I have created the Off We Go! series of books to help Stephen and kids like him manage with everyday events.